Monday, 15 November 2010

Body and Soul - Coleman Hawkins

After a weekend of no exercise, I was somewhat bemused when I trapped a nerve in my back this morning and aged 50 years in a nano-second. Regulars will know in the past my L4/5 in my lower back is a right bugger and stops me dead in my tracks. I think a trip to Doc Martyn for some 'Very Happy Pills' is on the cards tomorrow!

What with me bent over and Jenny walking most strangely following her weekends 82 miles on mushed feet we looked a right pair earlier on walking in town.

My aim is to be back fit and ready for the weekend, so watch this space. Hopefully some mind bending drugs will put me back on the path...

Now, where's my Zimmerframe?


  1. Good grief Rory, that looks horrific mate. Strewth! Yes, that is my professional opinion as a Radiographer. OWCH!

  2. Hi Rory, saw your post via Paula Redmonds facebook link. Its fairly simple, your hamstrings are too tight, eg, not only can they not extend effectively, but more importantly they cannot shorten effectively. This causes a pelvic tilt and therefore stress in the lower back. Eccentrically load the hammy's and you will find a lot of relief. No need for 'happy pills' (you may still want to tae them but it would not be for the back!). Graeme.


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