Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lost Prophets - Rooftops

Rory says:- I think I am still sweating after my 45 mins in the 'Porsche Human Performance' labs today. Body comp, muscle stats and watching your heartrate adapt to increasing amounts of humidity and body temperature takes you right into the Morocco zone, are only a fraction of what you can learn about yourself and potential performance in a very short time, I can assure you.

I took my session a lot easier than Jenny I am sure but my heart rate hit 135bpm at 8kph in 45 mins...and that's just about flat out for me at MdeS. It certainly felt that way and add a 6.5kgs pack and we'd be there!

We are going to go back and get really busted up I think so watch this space... it's highly recommended especially if you are into Grand Prix Racing. It's based half way down the Hanger Straight at Silverstone in a Giant Porsche playground.

More tomorrow...

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