Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bee Gees - You should be Dancing (12" Promo)

Rory says:- I did an interview with Men's Running Magazine earlier today and it was a trip down the Coleman memory lane as I went through some of my running stories of 1994-2010. A few minutes is all it takes to cover nearly a generation of my running history, it makes me want to relive so much of what I have already run.

You see it's only yesterday that the Old Bee Gees were dead popular and the chest wigs and perfect teeth were the in thing. 1978 is a lifetime ago and more than that for two of the four Gibb Brothers. Thinking about it with two Beatles, a Pink Floyd and a Freddie gone (at 45 in his case)... We should be Dancing and doing the things that keep us Stayin' Alive!

Making it happen, when you can, is really what I am saying I s'pose... time for inspiration before the weekend's track marathon. Not sure about this one and well out of my comfort zone, if I am being honest!

More tomorrow...

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