Sunday, 7 November 2010

In and Out of Conciousness - Robbie Williams

The old legs were twitching last night and I must say that my Quads were totally mashed following 105 laps of a 400m track... I am sure the constant left turns every 100 metres strained my left Gastrocnemius. I have never had such a tightness there before but Jenny suffered in a similar way so maybe there's some theory there in the madness. Well that's my theory anyway!

I am slightly more bemused/bit annoyed that I don't know how far I ran yesterday in the time I did - I put a lot of effort in on this one and it's a shame I haven't got some accurate data from the performance.

This last few months have shown me what I am capable of and I am now thinking of a big juicy challenge next year to have a go at. Now I am fit, I need to build on that and start to train harder and prepare for action... I feel very excited, so watch this space.

More tomorrow...

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  1. In the 24 hour track races they tend to switch every 4 hours and after 20 hours, every 2 hours. In doing one I'd prefer to see a switch every 2 all the way through. Having aggravated the ITBand after 2-3 hours of running a road circular due to the camber I can't see how all those left turns can be good for you!
    Good result anyway, a weeks plenty of recovery for Luton ;)


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