Friday, 26 November 2010

Dark - Toxic Federation

Is anyone else struggling with the Dark Days of Winter? This time of year is just pants in my opinion! So I have had an idea... I thought I would request more of the frosty, bright, crisp mornings that I loved last winter, well as a starter, anyway.

Now I am not too sure when one sends that type of request to but it needs to be ordered as so far I have endured more than my allotted amount of wet, muddy and damp running on events such as Round Rotherham and Breacons Ultra already as Blamires can vouch for... let alone in training.

And there's still Luton Marathon, next weekend to come, Yikes! .... (and that's always been a very rainy affair in my times of running those three laps of lovely Streatley)...

So we need a solution Guys, one thought is to migrate the whole of the UK south, possibly next to The Maldives each winter? Or we could buy their weather instead of the rubbish stuff that someone seems to have ordered here..


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