Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Eve of the War - Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds

My my, Christmas does seem to be more of a battle these days than a celebration... As we head deep into Christmas season , yes it's only the 1st of December, there is a bit of added panic in the shops it feels. At ULTRArace we are trying to fit a month into the next 27 days as we are off to Australia on the 28th and we have Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the Breaston Beast on the 27th to fit into our busy schedule.

This time of year it seems that the public are unaware of things are going to happen and just panic. Bad winter weather and that old chestnut Christmas most of all... The recent bad weather illustrates just how we can't cope with cold weather in the UK. You thought we would have been used to this as it happens every year!

Ah well, it all gives us more time over the next few days to work and prepare for the 2011race series and with any luck we will have ULTRAstore up and finished in the next few days and the snow will have been and gone as I don't think that I will be at the Luton Marathon this weekend.

Maybe if it is I can go Christmas Shopping?

Think not eh? More tomorrow...

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