Thursday, 2 December 2010

World Cup Willlie - Lonnie Donnegan

Dressed in red white and blue
That's World Cup Willie
We all love him too
World Cup Willie
He's tough as a lion and never will give up
But for some of funny reason...
We didn't get the 2018 World Cup.

I wonder how much our World Cup bid cost the UK's economy today? Getting Prince William, The PM plus all the hanger's on, Seb Coe - (The famous centre forward) et al out to Zurich has to be a huge waste of money no matter how close/far away we were with England's pitch.

You see we always struggle on this type of thing... take Eurovision for instance we never seem to do all that well do we... Cliff Richard was robbed when he came second in 1973! And we were robbed today both by not getting the bid and by putting so much into something that we knew we'd never win.

England and World Cups just don't mix nowadays it seems...

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  1. Well what do you know eh? £15M for just 2 votes... does £7.5M a vote represent good value for money? Mmmm...


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