Sunday, 19 December 2010

Very Necessary - Salt N Peppa

'Salting in Progress' it said on the overhead gantry signs on the M4 and M5 today. I can only think it's an anagram of 'Angering Strip Loss', as that is what it actually was...the outside lanes were ice and snow and we didn't see a Gritter from Cardiff to Derby tonight.

There was more salt on Jenny's Crisps than the road! And there were plenty of people driving with potato size brains as some of the manoeuvres we saw were just plain stupidity.

I suppose we got what we deserved joining all those folk doing 'Essential journeys only' in a multitude of different 4x4s.

Note to self, move the car off the mountain side BEFORE there is 14 inches of snow to negotiate on a near vertical drive... it was a lot of fun though and Jenny's face on the descent was just a picture especially on the very slippery bits.

More tomorrow Gang.

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