Saturday, 18 December 2010

Move any Mountain - The Shamen

There's a huge mountain to move at Hotel Salter as 14 inches of good honest Welsh snow has blocked us in. We tried a little in vain to shift it but to be honest it's been just too much to get rid of as even with a couple of parallel tyre tracks dug in place, we didn't chance taking the car down the hill. If we had the front valance wouldn't have stood a chance anyway I believe...

Maybe some thawing tomorrow will help but at the moment we are living, working and running from our new Welsh headquarters, in a real 'Winter Wonderland'.

On a training note, I did manage to get out for a good hours run and took on Caerphilly Hill once again and even ventured into local Llanishen to witness just how many folk were stripping Salisbury's of any food they could get their hands on, as the snow and ice looks like its taken hold now for a few days to come.

Tomorrow's run might get me as far as The Cardiff ULTRA trail and you never know and we might get the car down the drive... but not to Derby!!!

Watch this space and more then...

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