Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Caveman Song - Mike Oldfield

Just how far is the digital age going to take us I ask, as I am getting worried to where it's all going to end... Take my hifi when I was just 19, well you couldn't have, unless you had a low loader. it was massive... 40 WATTS RMS of Pioneer Hifi separates pounding into a pair of Wharfedale Teesdale SP2 Speakers, which were so big you could have used them as matching wardrobes... my word did it pound out my Pink Floyd at near pain threshold sound levels with minimal distortion. Yes there was the odd Dolby hiss and Wow and Flutter but hey, it was good enough.

Walkman's had only just been invented and the mobile phone was a good 10 years in the future and internet -  well just a dream away... life was simple in the 'Analogue Age'.

Now take my surprise today as in Comet, (that same store I got my £400 hifi from back then) when I plugged my iPhone, (including Video and Stills Camera, Internet, Email and Skype) into a Docking port on a compact Hifi the size of a Cornflakes packet, shaped like a zeppelin and nearly blew the doors off the shop... talk about quality, pure magic with a bit of MP3 Floyd going amidst the white goods was just amazing I can tell you BUT...

Where will it end... what's next and will I like it, or need it... rather than engineer things smaller maybe we should be looking at eradicating Leprosy, Cancer or the Common Cold... it does make me wonder. I would go back to my old hifi if we could... anyway there's a thought.

I am off to look at Ebay and get a pair of Teesdale SP2's... need something to hang my clothes in and watch out neighbours!

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