Monday, 27 December 2010

Gravity - Westlife

It's been a great day out on the Breaston Beast today as I notched up my 670th Marathon and ran round with Jenny and some of my 100 Marathon Club chums. On a very cold and snowy day out in Derbyshire, it's hard to believe that in less than two days, 30 degrees of Sydney sun is waiting for us.

I must say the concept of 12 long hours and then 9 further long hours on China Airlines is not a concept that I am looking forward to but I will just have to rely on Jenny and probably Jeremy Clarkson to keep me company and entertain me on the plane.

If they have boxing gloves and a referee maybe we'll play Scrabble... as two of the world's most competitive people Scrabble only spells D I S A S T E R when we play and the 9 points or 27 on a triple word score is poor reward for a bust up mid-air! We won't mention the famous ZO incident...

Anyway, whatever we do to entertain ourselves, it's an eternity of a time to sit and do nothing... and that's going to be hard for both of us, although I do have the Nytol!

More later...

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