Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Down Under - Men at Work

At last, the burst water main outside our house has been fixed... The cold weather obviously had a big part in it's being there in the first place and has slowed down its repair for sure. However what did make me laugh today was the workmen's attention to detail in making sure that there were diversion signs, keep left signs and enough barriers put up to line all the motorway roadworks in the UK.

Even more laughable was the poor preparation of the work itself and the sweeping into the hole of all the dust, snow and debris prior to the tarmacking crew that came along afterwards to make the job 'good'. Now we'll say good but we'll see - no doubt it will happen again as this patch, replaced a previous patch that had already been made.

That's the thing nowadays, we spend more time worrying what might happen and how we cover our backs rather than doing a good job instead. Does this sound familiar?

More tomorrow... let's hope that patch holds eh?

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