Monday, 20 December 2010

Rooftops - Lost Prophets

Ahhhh... at last I can rest this month as I have just put the January Newsletter to bed and I will be sending it to out to our loyal readers later on tonight.

I must admit to getting excited at writing the second page where I did my own feature on focus and motivation...

Having never really suffered with either, it was quite hard to contemplate how others might feel about running... since starting in 1994 I have never regretted EVER putting on my trainers and hitting the trail, it has brought me some amazing experiences and engaged me with a wide spectrum of incredible people. I must say meeting the people has always been my favourite part of running and this alone is worth every second you devote to what we love doing most.

So, if like me you like what we do... don't be a 'Lost Prophet' and shout it from the 'Rooftops'... most apt and keep an eye on your email later on eh?

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