Friday, 10 December 2010

Drink - The Student Song

I was back in the T-Shop today doing the food shop for Tomorrow's Coleman* Christmas Day. But found myself getting a bit upset trying to buy a Christmas Pudding... one WITHOUT alcohol. It's a bit like a vegetarian trying to buy a meat-free bacon sandwich. When I did find one, it boasted 'Serves 4'... more like 'You'll Need 2 to touch the sides' and is the size of a Peanut and more worryingly the ordinary Christmas Puddings, contained warnings of Nuts yet not Alcohol, or a % proof…
Bloody T-Shop!
Not good for us people clocking up 17 years of being dry… and even the Customer Services didn’t know either… hmm. Good job I have eagle eyes I’d say.
Got 2 litres of Custard to cheer myself up!
*5 Colemans and 1 Salter

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