Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Too low for Zero - Elton John

Before I looked at the temperature in my car today, I knew it was cold. The Minus 10.5 degrees only confirmed to me that it was not only cold, but downright bloody freezing. In a scene from the inside of a deep freeze icebox (my Mini), I made a clear commitment to myself that any future cold desert expedition was just pure stupidity on my part.
Even though it does seem a shame as I always fancied walking to the North or South Pole…
Please don’t try and convince me as, I know there are some remarkable fabrics and layers out there that can even keep a Salter warm (although I doubt it somewhat) but it seems that I am getting just as bad about the cold as the rain, and that ain’t good.
You see, I need sunlight and warmth coupled with some good long runs in the warm countryside… and that just isn’t happening right now.
Australia, seems light years away and I only hope our central heating boiler can keep up its Smelting Iron Ore temperature output as the ULTRArace office is the only warm place in Britain right now…
We’ll be burning old trainers and kit if it packs up…
More tomorrow… now where’s my big slipper?

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