Thursday, 9 December 2010

What you need - INXS

It makes you wonder what you actually NEED at this time of year. Wondering what people want and them wondering what you want makes for a real stressful time to mind and wallet. Not wishing to sound scrooge-like, I like Christmas and it's Mid-winter celebration of the 'Birth of Christ' and all that it entails. It does appear though that from my forage in to the T-Shop (that's TESCO but I don't like to say the T-Word) that they are preparing for a global food and drink shortage that might last till the middle of next summer!

It's material madness IMO.

For me having all my children with me for our family Christmas this weekend will be all I really need and I must say that I am looking forward to the fuss, bustle and excitement of them being here, more than any gift that I will or can receive. Don't get me wrong, the odd Ferrari or even pair of socks won't go amiss but as far as needing stuff this year... don't worry as that will be the perfect present.

On a lighter note...I did need more oxygen this morning in our hill session on Toton Hill but that's another story and I don't need this cold and sore throat... as it's killing me!

More tomorrow... now where are my humbugs! Ah just remembered that I don't need 'em...

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