Monday, 6 December 2010

Progress - Take That

It's all progress as I head towards the end of 2010... and start to really plan for the 2011 season ahead. I have been looking back at my marathon year. I don't think that I really did my best and looking at this positively, I will have clocked in 32 marathons or ultra-marathons, clocked up a ten year marathon PB and beaten the 10 hour barrier at The Round Rotherham... Yet somehow, I know I can do a hell of a lot better if I really try my heart out...

So, I am going to get my arse into gear and set some goals for next year. Top 150 at MdeS would be good and a sub 3:30 marathon would be amazing to do again at this stage in my career.

Maybe I am not the only one thinking this way about 2010... if you do too... let me know.

More tomorrow...

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