Thursday, 23 December 2010

Flawless - The Ones

There are days in your life when it's just perfect and nothing is too much trouble and everything is just down right dandy... yep it's been just one of those days. Works done and there's no one to PT now until the 17th of January, well apart from Jenny and Me of course and the warm summer days of Australia and the final test match awaits.

Whether or rather WEATHER we got off the tarmac at Heathrow, well that's another question... tonight's mix is heading back to Caerdydd and the prospect of getting the car back up Salter Mountain... hmm that's another prospect but if the day continues to be flawless, then we will just drive straight on up! Now there's hope.

A long run/walk in the snow tomorrow should build up a good Christmas Day appetite, I hope...

I did try out the Nytol tablets last night as we are going to use them on the flight... they didn't work too well to start off with but I was dead to the world this morning with my arms and legs aching from not turning over. Should work well on China Airways!

More tomorrow...

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