Friday, 3 December 2010

Student Driver - Stellar Kart

In these days of high vis jackets and health and safety when will we notice that the current way of teaching people to drive is more than just risky ... it's downright dangerous! Take the weather for instance... minus 8 degrees C in Breaston this morning (with it being so cold that my doors froze solid with me still inside the car, with a Dukes of Hazzard style window entry and exit system, I kid you not) there were still learner drivers out on the road. An 'L' plate on the back of a car in fast traffic in bad weather without experience is just madness... and not pleasant to be behind I can tell you.

For heavens sake someone please change this outdated process... From what we saw today people who have passed their tests seem unable to drive in a straight line at a sensible speed and they have driving experience, or you would have thought.

We are down in Wales this weekend and on our journey down the M42 we saw a chap reading the Yellow Pages whilst weaving and trying to dial a number as he did 70+ on the inside lane... what a nutbox!

I hope son of mine, Sam (17) who has just passed his theory test will not be letting his fingers do the walking whilst driving along... or anything else for that matter that distracts him, I dread to think. Loads of young, inexperienced drivers get into loads of crashes and near misses. No wonder elder son George's (19) first quote on his insurance renewal was over £3000, his demograph has the worst road safety figures it seems..

IMO it's time for a re-think on the learner and bad driver front... make 'em take a few tests in lots of different conditions including the motorway, that's what I say and our roads would be a safer place. Best of all though, stay at home and keep warm...

If not come to Wales it's tropical against Derbyshire, I might get my trunks out and get down the beach tomorrow as it looks like it might get above zero... Although I'll be running there though as Saturday morning is a popular time to get the 'L' plates on and I don't want to get behind another Learner Driver...

I'll belt up now and more tomorrow...

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