Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Welcome to the Machine - The Pink Floyd

Carrying on in my GOM (Grumpy Old Man) state... we experienced another piece of priceless modren age stupidity today far in excess of the ridiculous new check-in system at BMI Baby at East Midlands Airport. And that's saying something I can tell you...

Guilty this time - Nat West Bank

Task - Rory to pay in a cheque
Task - Jenny to pay in a cheque and some cash

Rory's age usual practise of going to the counter with slip, teller taking cheque, stamping book and returning took less than 10 seconds - JOB DONE

Jenny's took nearly 4 minutes including a demonstration (by Customer Service Assistant) on the new paying in machine which took the cash, spat it out, creased it up, took it in again and repeatedly didn't work. Eventually to the relief of all it finally worked - WHAT A FAFF as it's mean't to speed things up...

Just HOW daft is our world going to get... it's a good job we could then go out and mark up ULTRArace.Peaks course for Sunday's race. The downhill part to Ashbourne is proper quick with even me bashing out 7.5 mph...

For the last 20 miles of the course, there's the usual Ur stickers, Road Markings, Red Arrows, Tape AND the usual footpath signs for the route and not a time saving machine in sight... Nat West take heed... no fancy machines are needed here or in your bank!

Just KISS - (Keep it Simple Stupid).

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