Monday, 29 August 2011

Break the Rules - The Mighty Status Quo

Now you know I don't like loads of rules but I am predicting a bit of an Olympic nightmare for poor old Seb and his merry band of followers at the games next year... I know the sprinters use the 'one false start and you are still in' as part of their psychological approach to their races BUT if I'd trained for most of my life for less than 10 seconds on a July evening to make my mark in life, then I think I would want the best man to win.

Who won the men's 100 metres last night? Dunno, but I know who lost it Mr Bolt.

Hopefully Paula won't be in that situation and will retire before the games and will find her way onto the commentators panel and get rid of some of the useless ones we seem to be stuck with... (Early 90's pre-proper test athletes don't make good commentators... apart from Crammy who is 10/10 in my book). Don't get me wrong Paula is simply awesome and I stood next to her, the day of her world best and 9 years on it's going to be a very tall order to beat the up and coming stars of the marathon.

It will be interesting to see just how many of the OLD world records go... not many I bet! High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump for instance haven't been broken for 16 years... and the only ones that are going, they have stupid rules for...

Think on Seb...

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