Monday, 29 August 2011

Take it to the Limit - The Eagles

Gosh, what a weekend we have had. Rory entered the Smugglers Trod up in Yorkshire on the Saturday so we were up at 4am. After dropping Rory off I thought I'd fit in a parkrun in Middlesbrough which wasn't that far away. Then I drove around the moors meeting Rorz at various muddy places - it looked like a brutal event and one that I was very pleased not to have entered, not because it didn't look like fun, but because I knew I would have got lost within the first 10 yards! Rorz did really well and was disgustingly un-stiff for the rest of the day, to the point where he did half the driving on the way home because I was more tired than he was!

Next was a 3am start, made event worse because when Rory got up he read the race instructions which I had neglected and realised the start was actually 7:30 not 6am!!!

12 hours running around a one mile lap lasts forever! Still, the race went well and it was great having Rorz there for the last few hours helping with food, drink and general encouragement (he fitted in another marathon and a kip first!).... so it was the first time I have raced further than 100km, and I was pretty pleased how it went. After the first 3-4 hours I had a comfortable lead so it was more about testing myself. I had a target of between 70 and 80 miles before the race, so 75 and a bit was a real confidence boost for me. Thanks to all at Boston and District AC for putting on the event - it really was perfect preparation for the Commonwealth 24 Hours next month - now I'm wondering just how far I can go...

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