Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Race - Yello

What a day! Our 8th race in the 9bar UK ULTRArace Championship proved to be a great day out for all concerned. We all seem to love it.

The new arrows and directions seemed to keep most on the right track and remarkably young Charlie Sharpe (22) managed to romp home in 5hrs and 47mins, and that was after cycling from Warrington to the start of the race, (some 60 odd miles). Good job he downed a pizza just before the race began. Hopefully he found another Pizza Hut on the way back tonight!

But then everyone was special today, especially in the heat of a late summer's day and that never-ending drag down Long Lane between CP3 and the end will be remembered for some time.

From the feedback, it looks like we'll do this one again... be rude not to eh?

More tomorrow and lastly A BIG THANK-YOU to EVERYONE who helped us today to make this race happen....

Rory and Jenny, The ULTRArace Team.

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