Thursday, 4 August 2011

Feet Up - Bob Merrill

It's been one of those rest days today that you have to have leading up to any ULTRArace. Yesterday's 10 miler signalled the last of this week's efforts prior to the 48 mile 'Round the Rock ULTRA' around the Channel Island of Jersey.

I have to be relaxed about refuelling the 'Old Coleman Body' as really I wanted to run again today but my knowledge and experience tells me that three days of exercise abstinence will make all the difference to my weekends expected time.

It does say that you have 12 hours to get round the island so hopefully I will be inside the time limit although if my memory serves me right its a bit bumpy around the northern coast... hmmm we'll see eh?

Biggest challenge is to get all our gear into hand luggage including Gels, Powders and Suncream... oh the joys of BMI Baby! After East Midlands Airport, the rest will be easy!

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  1. Make sure you pack them all in one bag. They gave me grief last time. x


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