Monday, 1 August 2011

Lucky Number - Lene Lovich

What has the world come to when you have to have a number to collect your child from a holiday play camp... well that's exactly what happened today. In our Hi-vis, high-intensity blame culture, cover our arses world a simple, I have come to collect my daughter Pearl Coleman and 'Hello Daddy' is obviously not enough!

I did chuckle... and wondered how we used to manage, back in the old days? Maybe in the past the wrong child has been picked up on purpose, although I am more than happy to get my own daughter.

It's far too complicated and a reflection of our modern day world... The simple analogy is that if a 6 years and 5 months little girl can work out the simple recognition of her own parentage, why do we need a six figure reference number allocated to our own child.

I don't think I would have liked being a number and let's hope Pearl doesn't like it too... I now know how Patrick Mcgoohan felt! And I'm not a number either...

More tomorrow...

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