Sunday, 28 August 2011

12 Songs - Neil Diamond

Well I didn't think that a 1 mile lapped course marathon was going to be a great idea and not surprisingly, I didn't buy into it that much... add to that cocktail , one Faffing Slaterchops (we were up at 3am) and it made a whole new horizon for a tough morning out at the Boston 12hr Race in Lincolnshire.

Don't get me wrong, the people organising it were real diamonds... but the course really didn't have a highlight, apart from when I finally got to the finish line of my marathon distance... some 27 laps of a one mile course...

ATM, there's 90 minutes to go and Jenny is just reaching the 70 mile mark and will win her second race in two days... so I'm most proud of her.

I am going to get her to blog about the race with her final mileage tomorrow... more then.

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