Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Cold - The Pines

Well at 1817hrs on the day after the day after an ULTRA, my legs are just coming back to normal, well sort of... it's just at that stage where it finally feels like the leg-bones connected to the hip-bone. Maybe another day will finally sort it out!

I did try a product called Mint-Ease last night with most amusing if not worrying side effects. It's a white cream in a tube and you rub it on your troubled area (quads in my case) and relax. At first it heats up and then goes unbelievably cold... for ages! Then if you are not careful and rub it very high on your legs so you get some on your bits, you will find yourself as I did in the Bath warming all the effected bits up.

Next time, I will be more careful, it's a bit like not scratching your face when you are chopping chillies.

More tomorrow...

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