Monday, 8 August 2011

King of Pain - The Police

I can't remember a time when my legs hurt SO much after a little old ULTRAmarathon. But by Jove they are K I L L I N G   M E tonight. Talk about Doms I have more like Double Doms! Add to that a whopping bruised hip from my sack of spuds fall at 30 miles or so and I'm not too good today...

You get the picture!

Let's hope tomorrow sees an improvement as I want to stop my penguin like gait before people start talking. It just shows you that it doesn't matter who you are OR what you've done you are never free of getting an ULTRA bash lash...

It doesn't matter though as I am still in a state of great happiness about the event and am very optimistic about my Autumn season.

More tomorrow... now where's that walking stick?

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