Friday, 26 August 2011

Rain - Status Quo

How does it manage to R A I N every single Bank Holiday Weekend? Why oh why oh why don't we change these to better non-changeable times when the weather is better... like April or July? It always bucket downs for the 145 and for this weekend it seems.

Who ever is in charge, please take note!

Tomorrow sees me oop north on The Smugglers Trod near Robin Hoods Bay and then with Slaterchops bashing out a marathon round a track in Boston Spa... now there's a treat! But it's needed to keep me on track (ha ha) for Druids.

Apparently Boston Spa is the fattest place in the UK... it will be even fatter when we've finished. Our shopping trolley today was a heart attack of pure sugar and high energy... let's hope 52 miles keeps our arteries nice and clean eh?

More tomorrow from Fylingdale!

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