Saturday, 13 August 2011

Strong - Robbie Williams

The weights and the upped mileage must be working as I had a great marathon day out today and felt very strong for the whole 26.2 miles. It was quite a contrast to last weekend's Round the Rock Ultra and all those darned steps... thank heavens there were only four flights to contend with today! I made sure I jogged down them this time to save the dreaded DOMS... well that's my theory anyway and hopefully it's worked.

So for now, I'm going to continue with the weights programme until further notice. The idea is to drop some more miles in tomorrow and keep the weekley mileage up to somewhere near decent as back in my GWR days of 1998/9 my levels of endurance were always boosted by the hours and hours of LSD that I did. If it all goes to plan the Robin Hood and Mablethorpe Marathons should be made a whole lot easier.

More tomorrow...

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