Thursday, 11 August 2011

Longest Hour - Everybody Else

Thank God for the treadmill I say! It was the ONLY way I was going to get 60 minutes of running in today as my intentions were good but my commitment was severely lacking. I must say that it was also the only machine that didn't have that annoying beep beep today that seemed to haunt my every move. What is it with our need for being warned by any machine you can think of?

I mean, do we need a beep beep, when your dishwasher has finished it's cycle or your washing machine for that matter? Our German washing machine has been fitted with a complete Nazi of a beep beep and can be heard in all of Breaston and beyond especially by our canine friends. I want to take a big stick to our friend Mr Bosch... and yes I know, 'Grumpy old man' but its driving me bonkers.

The problem I am experiencing is that most people ignore said beep beeps and nowadays they are getting even louder and more annoying... where will it all end in our crazy high-viz rule ridden world?

It's all driving me beep beep mad!

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  1. Hi Rory,

    Something that seems to have got louder too are ambulance sirens! And fire alarm sirens. When I am out running and an ambulance goes past it is aural torture!! Why do thery deafen us when trying to help someone?

    Why, too, do we need an enormous list of passwords now to keep us protected from bored hackers who should be signed up by the police!

    And why, when technology should speed things up, it has taken me 10 minutes to reply to your blog!

    Yours frustrated and angry,

    P.s. At least our criketers are doing well for once! Some good news amongst the horrid!


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