Monday, 15 August 2011

Eat It - Weird Al Yankovic

Becoming a Vegan...
 We are told so often that when we are running that 'Food is Mood' and I have eaten some strange old stuff on events as my palate has taken me to places that my feet never could. I do admit to not reaching the sprout and tuna threshold but when the chips are down in an event, I need my food... and that's high carbs and fat to keep the old Coleman V6 firing on all cylinders.

Now, enter our nutrition experts and a mad calorie counting partner and it's fascinating to find out just what and what not to consume on a daily basis. For instance my 84kgs frame needs more than 4600 kcals per day... a license to eat like a garbage disposal unit you'd imagine... and for most of us, that's exactly what we do - whether we are competing, or not. But no... we get it all wrong! We just eat a load of old processed rubbish, that's what I think. That's why lots of ULTRA-runners aren't so slim or they start off slim and as they grow older, they grow just a bit wider :-)

From a certain Miss Slater, early research says that there's too much fat and not enough protein in mine and probably in your diet too. So food for thought is 'what am I putting into my engine tonight?'... if you shop at our local Co-op, it's probably not that good for you... I stood there for ages looking for my dinner last night and it's just impossible to get ANYTHING that is marginally good food for ANYONE let alone someone in training.

Maybe I should become a Vegan? Not too sure if the ears would suit me but at least I would 'Live long and prosper'...

More tomorrow... beam me up Scotty... now where are those lentils?

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