Monday, 23 May 2011

Warm Hands Cold Heart - Des'ree

OMG, I have been trying out the best toy I have had in years - gloves that actually WORK... ladies, for all of you who suffer from freezing cold hands even when the rest of your body is overheating on a boiling hot day, I have FINALLY found the solution. Terra Nova have sent me a pair of their Mountain Mitts to test-run and they are soooo effective.

I got a great chance to try them out during a long day at our Cardiff Ultra yesterday (well done to all of our runners, btw!). I had to take them off whilst writing down timings, etc. but as soon as I put them back on they took the aching cold away. They are made out of some sort of magic and I shall treasure them whilst I'm in Ireland.

THANK YOU Terra Nova:-)

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