Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ready to go - Republica

Well the 2 days are over and I am pleased to say that, other than a stiff achilles this morning, my legs feel pretty good today... even better after a monster session with Paul White who is simply a genius - he has agreed to come to Ireland too so we now have a great team - me, Rorz, Paul and Lou Herron (my fabulous tent mate at MdS in 2009 and 2010).

Last night I called it a day at 55 miles and learnt a big lesson - 09:30 is too late to set off on a 60-miler - it is soooo depressing running in the dark. Rorz came out with me for the last section and bizarrely I think it made it worse as I had someone (poor thing - I will be on coffee duty for the next year as penance) to whine to!!

So, under coach's instructions, I am now doing another double-60 on the weekend just to prove to him (and me I suppose) that I can do it... so one more day at home and then another 2 loooong days out on the road.

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