Friday, 13 May 2011

Lay Your Hands on Me - Peter Gabriel

It's a miracle - and thanks to Paul White for getting the old Coleman body back on the road. It bloody well hurts, I can tell you BUT boy his techniques of releasing tight muscular problems are just awesome. No wonder Jenny is taking him to Ireland as part of her crew for her Guinness World Record.

If you are suffering with Plantar Fasciitis or have a hurty achy body... go and see the Maestro at his clinic in Loughborough. It works just like magic... He's also a really nice chap... Paul is now part of my body's 'Fix-it Dream Team', Brother Dr Martyn (all things medical) , Vaughan Cooper (Osteopath), Jane Crafts (Trotters) and Dr Watson (L4 Disc) are the others... It's not such a solitary game after all eh?

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