Saturday, 14 May 2011

I want to break free - Queen

Been out today on the bike to support Jenny on her second lots of double 60 mile training runs, for her Guinness World Record in Ireland in June. Now i must say that following the addition of a monster gel saddle plus some hardening up to the task in hand things are getting a lot easier in the world of cycling lots of miles.

My only gripe is the A6005 between Draycott and Borrowash... it's possibly the bumpiest cycle route in Great Britain. The tarmac is just unridable in places, not only are there potholes, giant grade stones, bottlenecks of cycle ways into narrow lanes but also there's a place where the track just says END... it's totally bemusing. What with that and cars parked covering the whole of the cycle track, it does make you mad... can you tell I am a bit miffed? I think Derby County Council needs a look at this section... bet they don't ride bikes eh?

Anyway, tomorrow's another day and another 62.5 miles for our Jenny... I am back cycling... oh how I am looking forward to going down the A6005 tomorrow!

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