Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers - Genesis

It's a quiet time of the year, this first week of June. Even the ULTRArace June newsletter is complete and coming out to you tomorrow morning...

It's Half Term for the kids, the nation is glued to the rubbish acts on 'Britain's Got Talent' or more accurately 'Britain's NOT Got Talent' - locally in Breaston nothing is stirring not even a mouse.

Apart from in OUR house, where it's all systems go for our trip to Ireland for Jenny's GWR and for her and annoyingly for me it's total taper before six days out on the road in Ireland. I'll be bloody glad when this one's over now! :-)

Don't get me wrong as it does have it's upside as Jenny now has 'Superstar Runner Status'... judging by the media interest she is getting and she richly deserves the recognition for what she is taking on. Nice one Jenny... as it's no picnic running 345 miles in less than 6 days!

Anyway, I am off to pack a few more clothes and get my next orders... Should be nice though as we've ordered Sunshine for the whole trip.

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