Monday, 30 May 2011

Laid so low - Tears for Fears

On a weekend where there has been an enormous amount of physical activity on ULTRAs all over the UK, my old back gave me a few warning shots last week and so I decided to lay low, literally, and I have decided to take a well earned rest before we set off on yet another extreme event in our busy 2011.

Jenny's M2M Guinness World Record attempt preparations are now in full throw in the ULTRArace office. Our three person crew has just four days left to prepare for nine days out on the roads of Ireland, from North to South. We know that good old Lou Herron, Jenny's MdeS tent mate of 2009/10 has already endured Miss Salter for 24 days at close quarters and has the knowledge needed when things get tough on the running front. She is so switched on and is a perfect choice for this type of challenge...

Paul White, him of the healing hands, has a tough task ahead of him to keep Jenny's body going for 345 miles. My job is to get all of them working together and keep the wheels on the World Record rolling down the length of Ireland. I wonder who has the hardest job?

What I do know is that it will be interesting to watch it all unfold... and hopefully you will be with us every step of the way watching Jenny's blog.

More later and 'Well done' to everyone who undertook the GUCR145 at the weekend... I was most jealous!

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