Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hemispheres - Rush

If you EVER needed motivating come and watch someone get thru a 60 mile training run when they are out there on their own with just their own personal barriers to beat and no medals or trophies at the end... it's f'kin hard, amazing, humbling, motivating, inspiring and painful all at the same time.

Well done Jenny Salter... I am most proud.

My calf problem and general grumpiness of yesterday had vaporised... hence the Rush choice of music today.

"You need only trust your feelings only love can steer you right"

Thanks Geddy and you can't go wrong with the Canadian Pomp Rockers plugged in fired up and on full volume. Obviously the miles on the bike have helped no end (thanks Sir Michael) and I will be out there with Jenny at 9am tomorrow.

You try and stop me!

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