Monday, 9 May 2011

He ain't heavy he's my brother - The Hollies

I tell you what, 50% of the children I saw leaving Pearl's junior school today are overweight if you are asking me... I wouldn't like to have to push one of them let alone try and carry them. What ARE they being fed? Liquid SUGAR and FAT it seems? It's really frightening...

IMO, school must educate our children in the ways of life as well as the Three R's... who is taking the responsibility to get some of these poor kids and their parents (and boy some of them are MASSIVE) eating healthily and exercising. It's all worrying to me, am I the only one?

Anyway... on a bit of a bemused and cloudy day for me (must be the bad calf muscle), I have been on the set of Coccoon at Hopwood Services after being swept up in six coach loads of OAP's looking for tea and a WC and seen the most expensive clocks ever on endless overhead, otherwise blank gantry signs on the motorway. I know the time thanks Mr Motorway, it's on my dashboard!

Where is this world going? Do I sound grumpy?

More tomorrow, let's hope the clouds have cleared...

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