Monday, 16 May 2011

Legs - ZZ Top

This picture is of me stood at Malin Head before we started our route recce in July last year - it seems apt as it has that aura of anticipation.

That has been my biggest ever training week - 240 miles in the bag since Tuesday, including 125 on the weekend. In no small part I might add thanks to Rory for looking after me, taping my feet, feeding and watering me, massaging my legs and generally supporting me, even when I was rather grumpy, and EVEN IN THE RAIN! Thanks Rory:-)

I must also mention Paul White who is doing wonders with my legs - I saw him last week and again today after my long weekend and he never ceases to amaze me at how brilliant he is with all things massage/therapy-related. He is sponsoring me for my Ireland record and I feel enormously privileged to have him on board.

All in all my second run wasn't too bad, the last 15 were tough - I saw Rory at 45 and strangely it made things worse - I think I am better off in my own little world listening to my iPod and getting into that trance. Seeing friendly faces and chatting gets you out of your stride and reminds you how painful the whole thing is... that said, yesterday's time was only 50 minutes slower than Tuesday's and I went 2.5 miles further.

I must admit I finished yesterday wondering how on earth I could do another 4 in a row, but woke up this morning feeling like I could run again, so enough of the training - bring it on!

So, all set now - just need to book everything...

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  1. That is some mega mileage Jen, well done! I must say, I am a little jealous (especially as my family come from Donegal). Good luck with the run, and keep up the blogs. Dan


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