Friday, 27 May 2011

Cars - Gary Numan

Tell me, why do a lot of advanced aged male drivers wear a flat cap to drive their cars? It can't be for protection as most don't seem to reach much above thirty and seldom 4th or 5th gear, well not in front of me it seems.

Recently I have become more and more aware of the be-capped 'Mobile Chicanes' as I call 'em. Also, why are most of their cars 'Y reg' pristine Nissan Micras?

Get 'em off our roads I say, they are a blinking nuisance.

It's worrying that I might become one of them in less than twenty years time and it does make me wonder when my wardrobe will turn beige, slacks will replace my jeans and I will need an OAP's uniform to drive a car.

Gosh, it all sounds most worrying... and hopefully I won't get too like Victor Meldrew in the picture... what you say? I am already - I don't believe it!

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