Saturday, 14 May 2011

So Far So Good - Limahl

Well I'm feeling quite pleased with myself today - I managed 62.5 miles and felt fine until about 51 when the tiredness began to set in.

My second run of my last 'double-60' actually turned out to be only 55 miles as I started way too late (09:34) and found running late at night THOROUGHLY depressing. I ended up whining to poor old Rory who had offered to accompany me over my last 13 miles (I wonder how many minutes in he regretted that decision!!). As such Coach Coleman wanted me to prove to him (and to myself I suppose) that I am capable of running the whole distance back-to-back. So I took it one step further and thought I'd do it back-to-back adding on the 5 miles I didn't run last time!!! So I am doing 2 x 62.5 milers this weekend...

Anyway, Day 1 - tick, but I suspect Day 2 will be considerably harder... so an early night for me in front of Eurovision - that should send me to sleep;-)

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