Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dogs - The Pink Floyd

I like Dogs... there I have said it! I have decided that it's their stupid owners that I don't. Tell me why do most Dogs have stupid owners? They are, I meet loads of them out on my runs especially at tea-time when they are on exercise and pavement fouling duties.

And yes I am Cynophobic (scared of dogs) but thinking about it, I'm not really; it's the uncertainty of the owners capability of 'Canine Control' that I am more sceptical of. Dogs have minds of their own - Fact!

Bring back Barbara Woodhouse I say and maybe what's needed for most unruly pets is a muzzle for when they are out on walkies. The 'Don't worry Fido won't bite' rule doesn't work with me and a license is definitely needed for the mad bull terriers we see so often out on our runs which are seen as being a fashion accessory to make one look hard.

I wonder if it's the same in Ireland? Good job I will be driving a 3 tonne motorhome, might have to get some stickers made for the drivers' door...

More tomorrow...

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