Friday, 18 March 2011

Trilogy - The Great and Majestic Emerson, Lake and Palmer

It's time another flight with 'We are going to Crash Girl' (WAGTCG)... and yes the Isle of Man beckons for us as we travel to Bethany and Ernie's wedding on the big rock in the Irish Sea this weekend. WAGTCG is off as I type trying to find comfort in buying a small bottle of Anaesthetic (Wine) just in case it gets rough out there.

Watching her face drop when we saw the prop plane we are going to fly on was just a picture and any mis-givings I have on flying have paled into a bullish front of not being worried in the slightest.

The tis rouble is that we have six separate take-offs and landings in the next three weeks to cope with... hmmm maybe some Diazepam might help... General Anaesthetic might be the optimum solution in coping with our globe trotting.

Anyway, I am sure we'll get there one way or another and no doubt it will be a great weekend... eh up she's back and looking nervous... help, the bar's not open!

More tomorrow...

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