Friday, 4 March 2011


I must admit to standing in the local Co-op (of Suuu Guuud with Fuuud Fame) tonight with a family bag of Salted Peanuts in my hand...

I had the cash, the hunger and the inclination I can tell you! How on earth I got out of the shop I don't know but it was a real, real challenge.

Now I know it's daft to go shopping when you are hungry, especially post run but I had a few items to buy for our weekend away on ULTRArace Grantham but the temptation for the Peanuts seemed worse than any alcohol or crisp fetish that I have had in the past...

I just love 'em even though they make me feel really sluggish the following day.

It's bloody hard living like a monk an following your own dream. But hey, maybe it's worth it on the long run.

I'll have the weekend on the towpath to consider it and maybe you have your demon food and drink too?

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