Friday, 25 March 2011

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves - Aretha Franklin

Well that has got my creative writing juices flowing - how disappointing to see, yet again, women got no mention last night on the James Cracknell documentary. Maybe they don't want to belittle James' performance by comparing it to women but really, anyone would be forgiven for deducing the race is male-only the amount of coverage we got.

I really hope that my Guinness World Record attempt in June can somehow help to raise women's profile in the sport. Last month I became the 2011 Welsh Ultra Distance Champion, beating the Welsh male competitors as well as female. I aim to do the same in June this year when I will be running the length of Ireland from Malin Head to Mizen Head with the intention of beating not only the current female record but the male one also.

Sorry to use this as a plug for help, but I am seeking event partners and sponsors that can help me to make this happen. Our budget for the event is in the region of £10,000 so we need both financial support and help from the media and press.

Ideally I would like to partner 'girl-power' brands or brands supporting the notion of female empowerment.

If you think you can help or know of someone that might be interested I would love to hear from you.

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