Thursday, 10 March 2011

Big Country - Big Country

I just started converting our '9bar JOGLE Ultra' maps from Tracklogs to Google Maps to get the full climb and descent for the whole route. After plotting the first two, I am already getting a clear picture of the challenge that the runners are going to be undertaking next month. The first 63.8 miles with 1309 metres up and 1296 metres down will sort the men from the boys, perhaps?

It's a real challenge just plotting the route but as I go down the country, the place names are all familiar and I think back to last year's triumphant trio (Neil Bryant, David Miles and Mark Cockbain) and can't believe that it's nearly twelve months since we were on the road.

The blog is already updated for this year's race to unfold on and we are ready to roll on the UK's Ultimate ULTRA marathon... are you?

More tomorrow... I'm off to Scotland in a moment...literally!

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