Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Beyonce - New Shoes

It's been a very interesting and rewarding day... as Jenny and I went to see the very nice people at UK Gear today. They are currently developing the New PT1000 Desert Shoe and we are now working with them on developing a shoe that is light, sand-tight, durable and perfect for ULTRA-running in warm climates.

We are really pleased as we have been saying for ages now that someone needs to take the lead and listen to ULTRA-runners and their running requiremens. Inventing a shoe that doesn't wear out, make your feet blister and look downright cool is all that's needed really - easy when you say it quickly!

I do know that they are committed to working with us and are keen to listen to any feedback on their products...and that's good to know. We are going to make sure that we can help all we can...let's face it ANY help Jenny can get for her poorly trotters is an improvement.

So watch this space... and more news in the April Newsletter...

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