Sunday, 27 March 2011

Silver and Gold - U2

It's been a day to remember up in Scotland on the Celtic Plate 100km. Jenny ran a blinder and all of yesterday's air-headness has vanished which can only be good news eh?

Running around the circuit in Perth was I admit, particularly mind numbing for my 18 laps to get my 26.2 mile marathon in 3:44 as preparation for the MdeS later this week.

Watching Britain's premier ULTRA-athletes performing was most inspiring I can tell you and my marathon was a nice easy plod in just under 8:30's all the way, thank God I didn't do 42 of them.

Lapping and being lapped was however a nice way of making things a bit more interesting...

So number 675 in the bag and only 25 to go to the magic 700... makes my knees buckle thinking about it but at least the MdeS will give me another two...

More tomorrow from ENGLAND!!!

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